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Copyright (C) 2008 by CO-CONV, Corp., Kyoto, Japan.

Developed by co-research between CO-CONV, Corp. and WIDE Project.
25 Dec. 2008:

Operating System:
 - Windows XP (with SP2 or SP3) (32bit)
 - Windows Vista (with and without SP1) (32bit)

Double click sctpDrv-1-0-0-0.msi, which is a Windows Installer package of
A kernel driver(sctp.sys) and a dll(sctpsp.dll and sctpmon.dll) installed
into your system.
There is no need to reboot your system.

If you run sctpDrv on Vista, you have to modify the configuration of firewall.
In brief, you have to configure Windows Firewall with Advanced Security to
pass SCTP.
In detail:
 (1) Open Windows Firewall with Advanced snap-in.
 (2) Right-click "Inbound Exceptions", and then click "New Exception".
 (3) Create a new rule for SCTP:
  Type: Custom
  Programs and Services: System (enter into text line for full path)
  Protocols and Ports:
   Protocol Type: Custom (132)
  Scope: Any addresses
  Action: Allow all connections
  Profiles: Apply to all the profiles (domain, public, public)

Open the context menu for sctpDrv-1-0-0-0.msi and click "Uninstall".
After the un-installation, you have to reboot your system.

Installed Files:
After the installation, the below files will be installed into your system.

c:\Program Files\sctpDrv\
		\echo_client.exe	(Sample application)
		\echo_server.exe	(Sample application)
		\iperf.exe		(Performance measurement tool)
		\ws2sctp.h		(Header files for use of SCTP)
		\sctpsp.lib		(Import library for use of SCTP API)
		\echo_client.c		(One-to-One Client sample)
		\echo_server.c		(One-to-One Model Server sample)
		\echo_server2.c		(One-to-Many Model Server sample)

		\sctpsp.dll		(Dll for sctpDrv)
		\sctpmon.dll		(Dll for netsh)
			\sctp.sys	(Kernel driver of SCTP)

Use of SCTP:
In order to use SCTP, you have to append the directory of ws2sctp.h into the
Include Path of your compiler and link sctpsp.lib into your application.

In the case of Visual C++ compiler,
prompt>cl /D__Windows__ /I "c:\Program Files\SctpDriver\inc" echo_client.c \
	ws2_32.lib "c:\Program Files\sctpDrv\lib\sctpsp.lib"

Limitations and knonw bugs:
 - On XP, updating route information may be slow.

Development of sctpDrv:
You can access the source codes of sctpDrv under the modified BSD license.
	Available at

Mail lists for sctpDrv:
There are two lists for sctpDrv.

sctpdrv-users at		(for users of sctpDrv)
sctpdrv-dev at			(for developers of sctpDrv)

In order to subscribe these lists, you will access OR

If you encounter a trouble with regatd to sctpDrv, please contact us
through these lists.

Happy SCTPing!